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Residual Traces

A delicately electrifying duet questioning the theme of mourning and loneliness. What happens when a character disturbs a balance made up of rituals and memories? "Residual Traces" invites you to dive into a universe of absurd melancholy and restorative madness.

The Face of The Unknown

Mirrors, a rope and a human disco ball… here is the particular setting in which a character evolves in search of his voice/way. How to free oneself from all the expectations that weigh on him when his reflection is omnipresent and decency is required? How to find the delicate balance of one's own existence in the midst of all this?
Let yourself embark on this transition that is full of meaning and absurdity and where the key word is “Freedom”!

Other Shows

Cie CABAC, in collaboration with Cie "Le Chant des Lieux", also creates more occasional and in-situ shows. Thanks to the first impulse and opportunity given by the "Cirque au Sommet" festival, we create shows, in the mountains or elsewhere, which guide the public into a breathtaking musical and circus universe. Come and discover extraordinary places and let us tell them to you with our musical-circassian vocabulary.

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